The bristol zoo project


Bristol Zoo have a website ( and good overall rate of visitors.
However they want to add new digital experiences to keep regular visitors engaged and to add
new ones.
Working in small groups, your brief is to design a digital user experience that:
• Utilises the Zoo’s archive collection of photos and associated facts from its past 176 years.
• engages users and facilitates new kinds of interaction.
• Makes the heritage sector relevant by using new technology.
• Maximises locative aspects (ie from mobile smart phone access – to onsite installation)
• !Appeals to an audience of young families: (children 5-12 and their parents), visitors to Bristol
Zoo, !animal lovers.

With this project we started to research the several different modern zoo’s around the world for example san diego zoo, to see what they offered to their customer and what digital features they have for their customers that the Bristol zoo don’t have. however we came up with an idea to create an iphone application and adding interactive features to the zoo.

We took this idea on to and decided to design a game call ‘Zingo’. this game is where the visitor will be able play the game, which is very much like bingo, where the user will be giving a card, which would have pictures of all of the different enclosures available at the zoo. In order to complete the card the user would have to scan a bar-code, which would be placed before entering every enclosure. we also decided to add rewards to the app so that the user can keep in track of the amount of animals they have visited and the ones that they have missed out on.

I think this app would of been very successful for bristol zoo as it will keep the current customers interested as they will always want to go back to visit the animals that they have missed. and it will drag new  to the park as children will be entertained by the addiction and competition of the iphone application.