this was my first idea for my website, this is what first wanted my website to appear like to my viewers.. however the only changes was that i have decided to illuminated the bottom half where i shows my social feeds and recent work and slight changes with the colours.. i’ve decided to removed this half because my recent work would be placed in the portfolio page, so this will not clogged up my home page with info that not need straight away. also i decided to change the background because i thought the site looked too basic and not professional. i just added the grey and a tint of white.


website logo

logo2This is the the logo that i have decided to go with for my website. i finally decided to pick this one from all of the other logos that i have designed.. i feel this one is best suited my website theme as i decided to carry on with having my website as a basic black,Grey and red. I feel this my logo stand up strong for what i am trying to sell myself at.. i wanted to go for something that says i am a very simple designer.. with little touches of strong graphics e.g the splatter on the letter ‘A’ .


Hello I am Ash Spry and I’m a student, and currently studying digital media design at Bournemouth university, I am very much enjoying this course because it cover all subject areas that I am very fascinated about, for example web designing, and learning the more about technical and professional sides of using Dreamweaver and to understand how a website is actually designed /created also learning the the languages in php, html, cc Java script.  this will help me in the future as I am hoping to open my advertising company. I’ve have fascinated about digital since a young age and really would like to forward it as career in the future. Previously I was in Somerset college where I did a foundation art and design course which I really enjoyed, as it had a very broad range of skill which I’ve developed and also opened my eyes to how far I can go by entering the media industry.

In the foundation art and design course I diverted more towards graphic communications, where I very much enjoyed designing and creating my own posters. After I completed the course I had the opportunity to go to Bristol University to study graphic communications. But I had a sudden distaste for the course at Bristol University, mainly because I realized that I cannot see a future in graphic communication as the word is turning more digital and most of the advertising out in the industry is mainly based on software and not much hardware.

This is why I have chosen to study digital media design as it covers all aspects of the media, with this course It also covers part of graphic design and digital design which has got a huge advantage for me as I can carry on with graphic design also learn about the future of digital Media design.

One man show

One man show

i really liked this portfolio design because of the unique use of the shapes.. also again the colour that was used it was very basic black and white. this is very good because it wont divert the viewers attention from the important contents on the site.. this is differently something that i can add into my own portfolio.

The next brief which we have been giving was to produce an online personal website portfolio. for this on-line personal portfolio it should include a work page home page, about page, blog and a contact page. the first thing that I did from here on i went on to research the top 25 portfolio online.. to get some grounded ideas on what the majority of the employers are looking for on a portfolio.