this is the outro that i have came up with the be in the outro of the video game we are making.. there is a few other things that i need to up date on the this video for example.. as i have the trial version of trap code.. the video continuously have got a grey across the screen.. this is a major problem at the moment.. so no too sure yet if we are going to use this at the moment.


inspirational ideas for outro

we all had separated the task for each of us do in this project for example the script writing, website design, logo design and mine was to design the outro for the project we are working on.. this is one of my my inspiration video that i have found on youtube. this short video help me cause it outline just want we all wanted to go for in-order to create the it relates to that project and fits in with the theme that we were going for.

DESIGN ITERATIONS – Interactive Processing Project – Initial Ideas.

My first initial ideas was a create a Sherlock Holmes interactive game or a sort. where that screen will start off with graphical dust and as the user wave their hand either to the left or right then the graphic dust will vanish to which ever angle that the user has choose to wave their  hands, then the screen will display an object the will lead to the next clue for example a glass with a finger print on it. then the user can either choose to pick either of the tools on the screen which would be either be a magnifying glass or a brush. and say if they had chosen the  magnifying glass and hold it up towards their face the camera will then zoom on to to glass with the hand print and it would alert the user that they have found a clue.

This idea was however flopped for many reasons. Once of the reason was after many researches i could not find anyway that it will relate towards my media theory options. second reason was that it was proven very difficult for  me to get the camera to responded and recognize that hands even though with the blob tracking. and it was going to be time consuming also was going to delay my project deadline.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 13.42.40 Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 13.42.49

New Project

Well a new project have been set.. this is where we have all been split up into groups of five to six… in order to
complete this new project. i have been placed into a group of six. I am very happy at the moment with the group that i am in because.. we have got similar of where we want to take this project and aiming it towards a game of a super like character that is set in the future… we have already decided on the logo that we are going for, which has been designed by another member of our team.. we decided on this logo because it was clean and looks very professional.


Soo here we are this is the home page for my website.. Here i still decided to keep my site very simple with the colours, as you can see with grey like black and the red which gives it a bit of a contras, i also decided to carry out the background through out the entire site.. for example the contact page, about me page and portfolio all carried the same background theme. have kept it this way cause i want my viewers to not be distracted by the things that are not important and for them to get the information that they have visited my site for.