Mini project 3 PhotoAlphabet

We have been set a project today where we can either work in self selected pairs and using a skills camera (preferably a digital SLR).And spend time outside looking for ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes which can be photographically frames as letter from the alphabet. Frame the shot ‘in camera and avoid doing any Photoshop retouching to individual letters. with this project i decided to take my own approach photograph pictures of natural forms for example tree and branches that resemble the letters of the alphabet where my name first and last name could be spelt out with (Ash Spry). My idea for natural forms will be a great concept with work with as all my images will relates together.

this a a short video from the sketch that i have drawn up in the pass.. personally i think it is good for a quick video.. as i am very new to animation and this is most probably my very first one.. with what i have so far i might add more to the shark and try make it more realistic.. for example by adding colors.. textures to the shark..also add water effects in the sea and sounds of the waves.. also might have the fins on the shark move aswell.. but that is my aim from today.


this is one of my first sketch to for the animation project. i was just an idea of a shark chasing a fish each frames show the emerging into the frame and kinda swim pass you in a way. by chasing the fish.. it was just a two second idea.. i am hoping to develop this idea and add more frames to it will try to make it a story. for the moment i will add the sketch into flash and give it a test.

last logo idea

after a short meeting with the group we go told that we should change out logo a little slightly cause the logo that we have got at the moment don’t quite match the theme of our game.. so we all think think might be the change that we need to go for.. but not a 100% sure on it because we wanted our logo to look to look clean and professional. but we’ll see soon what the outcome will be.