this is my first animation tutorial that i followed from Youtube..its a very simple effect of just my name exploding (AshSpry)… this was tutorial was relatively easy to follow also to taught me how to set time frames in blender and now i have to got a little more experience knowing my way around blender.. because i have also been following tutorial from the site and i am now working on an animating wreaking ball.. where i have made my own chain and wrecking swing across the screen and hitting into a pile of boxes.. but it it taking me a while because it is a lot more complex thing than the animation for this exploding letters.


Blender Mug

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 18.31.54Blender Mug
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 21.20.29

this is my first independent project in blend on which i followed from a tutorial on YouTube.. While creating this i have found the experience very useful as i got use to the interface and the most tools that were covered in the workshop and some that i missed out on. .. Also this helped my in the workshop as i tend to get a bit behind.


Here i also went out and did some research on fronts. I have found out that fonts are the most important part for any designing or especially for business, A good typeface creates an emotional response in relation to the message it is sending out. You’re trying to get that tone of voice right – you can shout or whisper. And you want to sum up the spirit of the age, because they do date quite quickly.

Gravity Typography video

Here it is

My very first typography video that i have created in after effect using font, colours, time laps and the short sound track from the movie gravity..
this was my very first time building typography in after effects and learning new tools in after effects. at the beginning of the clip i have got one second of t.v static i have decided to put this in because, at the beginning of the clip i hear a radio static and i think it was a good idea to incorporate the visual of a t.v static i think worked good with the video clip as it catches the viewers attention straight away. i have also added a camera shake to all the text, so each text that floats in gets will be in motion of the camera.

Kinetic Typography.. (Research pulp fiction)

So a new project have been set and it’s to animating a short typography video.. with a twenty seconds clip from the movie gravity.. since this project have begin i have been researching typography videos from YouTube, the kinetic site and creative blog these two site have giving me a very clear understanding on which directions i need to take in-order to get the best from creating my very own typography video.. on this research i have found large amount of typography videos that has been taken from well known movies for examples pulp fiction and Reservoir Dogs.. i have decided to work along side these two typography video because they have a very strong approach in the terms of sounds effects, not only they were clear but also had a pitch of hight and low.. so while i was listening to the sounds i can easily visual the each word that i can hear. also the research clips contain a lot of background effects which were interpret with the text for example shakes and tumbled and also heavy sound effects.