Kinetic Typography.. (Research pulp fiction)

So a new project have been set and it’s to animating a short typography video.. with a twenty seconds clip from the movie gravity.. since this project have begin i have been researching typography videos from YouTube, the kinetic site and creative blog these two site have giving me a very clear understanding on which directions i need to take in-order to get the best from creating my very own typography video.. on this research i have found large amount of typography videos that has been taken from well known movies for examples pulp fiction and Reservoir Dogs.. i have decided to work along side these two typography video because they have a very strong approach in the terms of sounds effects, not only they were clear but also had a pitch of hight and low.. so while i was listening to the sounds i can easily visual the each word that i can hear. also the research clips contain a lot of background effects which were interpret with the text for example shakes and tumbled and also heavy sound effects.


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