At the beginning of this year I have been introduce to the open source software Processing..    Processing is an open source programming language.  “It is a language that builds on the Java language with a built-in graphics visualisation tool, in a way it hides all of the ‘ugly’ aspects of Java making it more attractive to a larger audience”.  this software has been very new to me.  However in the first work shop we had started from creating just basic shapes and canvas sizes.

void setup (); 

  1. for example
  2. void setup(){
  3. size (600,200);
  4. rect (300,40,40,30);

will create a canvas size of 600 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. and rect will be the that you want to use and size and position where u want the box to be located in the canvas.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 02.32.55

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 02.49.27

in the 2nd work we created the images above looks like a shed or house.  we were working on manly creating shapes, this have given me a basic knowledge on shapes on positioning that i can reshape and alter in in my spare time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 03.03.33

I after the  workshop i went away and played around with the codes that i was using during the work shop. I have alter the size and the positioning of the house also played around a little with  RGB colours. my next for  processing will be researching for tutorial videos form and youtube to widen my knowledge.


My Personal Promotional Video

This was another piece of work that i have done in the summer. I decided to create a promotional video for my self and and skill the i have gained from university. this video will have a major impact on my journey to a Digital media Designer. this help me to speak out more of who i am and what are my intentions also my ability. as often find it nerve raking to speak out and  have difficulty communicating with people/potential clients this also relates to the fact that can not explain my myself fluently to people without confusing myself and the person that i am communicating with in a short amount of time. but this video has helped me to introduced myself to companies and it given a good impression for me.

Opportunities from the video.

This video has giving me so much opportunities. I used this video for meeting with clients in large industry one of my biggest clients was Numatic International (the company who produce the Henry range hoover) which has landed me with a temporary job with their media team  in-order  to re-design their website, design promotional booklets/posters.  My other client was sales innovation expo, safe app uk. As i have got got friends and and potential business contacts in New York  and my  main Ambition for years  is to a day in the near future i would move to New York and work for a tech agency. I have sent this video to one of my contacts in NY who’s a friend of a friend that lives in NY currently and i was very happy with the feed that i have received and it is looking promising for the future.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 17.19.31

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 17.18.23

  This was the respond from both of my clients. I feel this this video has helped me greatly and very much looking forwards to developing more skills from with years and hopefully have a great collection of all my skill in a short video that would sell my as a designer.

Logo digitalise for safeapp uk


this was the another company whom i have done some work for over the summer holidays. this company was called safeapp uk. My task from this company was clear and simply which was to digitalise their logo, from a rough sketch that they have created. from the meeting that i have had with the manager he clearly explained to me using this sketch, the colours that he wanted the logo to be, the fonts to use for the text which was (bauhaus93) and also the size for the font.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 23.10.47

From the rough sketch which was provided by my client (safe-app uk)  import the sketch into illustrator I then created a basic prototype of what i think they were aiming towards in-oder to get the basic outline, i just used different tones of grey, as i was mainly aiming just to get the set they are looking for. I then email this prototype  to my client and and “this is my progress so far” just to make sure i was heading in the right direction and not adding the colours that they had asked for as yet. safeapp uk then agreed with my progress  so i then took the the logo to the final stage.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 23.26.03

This was what the logo had looked like in the final stage after i had added the colours and blend of the colours. I email this final draft back to my client they were happy with it. but suggested have change their mind on a for a few sections, which was that they wanted the white background on which the Android (green alien) was on top of removed, and for the grey outline to be in a drop shadow.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 00.43.37

This is the improved version of what was the stage of what my client had asked for, as you can see that i have removed the white background and have added shadows on the the grey that is framing the logo. My were very pleased with the out come of the logo and digitalise and the graphic work.  I feel that this task/project  had went well and i have achieved my goal and making the client happy. my client has made this project much easier for me as they have already had a very clear idea of wanted and their first sketch has been a great help in completing the project.

sales innovation expo

This here is the total result of the animation that i have created for the company (sales innovation expo) in this video you can clearly see what i was trying to achieve and how it has fitted in on what my client has required for their promotional video. as you can see at the very beginning of the video was my first animation. and from 0:18 the 2nd animation begins to spin around the globe. I was very pleased with the out come of this animation as it was for the biggest company that i have  worked with so far and they have giving me a very positive feed back. and they recommend other companies to use my service for animation and logo design.

MAIN red0101 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.23.29 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.23.10 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.23.19 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.23.01

My 2nd Animation in which my client required was to create a logo which looked identical to the company’s current logo,  which means that I keep the colours, fonts and shape of the logo the same. the animation that they wanted was that the text will rotate round the globe and as the text rotate around the globe this will say (SALES INNOVATION EXPO 2015) and as the text goes behind the globe and come back around the text will be changed to (13-14 MAY 2015). also this 2nd animation need to be transparent as it would be situated on the top left hand corner of the video. where the company’s viewer/ potential customer can see that announcement as well as the message that thy were selling in the promotional video.

sales innovation logo

As you can this this was the result for the 3D  animation for the sales innovation EXPO lego.. I believe that i have accomplished my goal in what my clients had demanded. cause I managed kept their logo with the original colour and fonts looking identical to their original logo. in-order for me accomplished this 3D animation i used the open-source software Blender. in-which i developed the basic skill  from the work shop in university. However 3D  Animation was very alien to me i have spent a lot of time researching on youtube video and to get an ideas of how to properly used the camera rotate around the globe.



Over the summer holiday I created and design some Digital work for companies it was to design a 3D animation for a video production agency (trisquaremedia) My task was to create a five seconds intro animation for Sales innovations expo new promotional video. the video were to be at the very beginning of the video, My task was to transform the 2D Sphere into a 3D  globe where  the S is shaped in the centre of the globe. and as the globe rotates, the S is transparent.