Logo digitalise for safeapp uk


this was the another company whom i have done some work for over the summer holidays. this company was called safeapp uk. My task from this company was clear and simply which was to digitalise their logo, from a rough sketch that they have created. from the meeting that i have had with the manager he clearly explained to me using this sketch, the colours that he wanted the logo to be, the fonts to use for the text which was (bauhaus93) and also the size for the font.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 23.10.47

From the rough sketch which was provided by my client (safe-app uk)  import the sketch into illustrator I then created a basic prototype of what i think they were aiming towards in-oder to get the basic outline, i just used different tones of grey, as i was mainly aiming just to get the set they are looking for. I then email this prototype  to my client and and “this is my progress so far” just to make sure i was heading in the right direction and not adding the colours that they had asked for as yet. safeapp uk then agreed with my progress  so i then took the the logo to the final stage.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 23.26.03

This was what the logo had looked like in the final stage after i had added the colours and blend of the colours. I email this final draft back to my client they were happy with it. but suggested have change their mind on a for a few sections, which was that they wanted the white background on which the Android (green alien) was on top of removed, and for the grey outline to be in a drop shadow.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 00.43.37

This is the improved version of what was the stage of what my client had asked for, as you can see that i have removed the white background and have added shadows on the the grey that is framing the logo. My were very pleased with the out come of the logo and digitalise and the graphic work.  I feel that this task/project  had went well and i have achieved my goal and making the client happy. my client has made this project much easier for me as they have already had a very clear idea of wanted and their first sketch has been a great help in completing the project.


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