My Personal Promotional Video

This was another piece of work that i have done in the summer. I decided to create a promotional video for my self and and skill the i have gained from university. this video will have a major impact on my journey to a Digital media Designer. this help me to speak out more of who i am and what are my intentions also my ability. as often find it nerve raking to speak out and  have difficulty communicating with people/potential clients this also relates to the fact that can not explain my myself fluently to people without confusing myself and the person that i am communicating with in a short amount of time. but this video has helped me to introduced myself to companies and it given a good impression for me.

Opportunities from the video.

This video has giving me so much opportunities. I used this video for meeting with clients in large industry one of my biggest clients was Numatic International (the company who produce the Henry range hoover) which has landed me with a temporary job with their media team  in-order  to re-design their website, design promotional booklets/posters.  My other client was sales innovation expo, safe app uk. As i have got got friends and and potential business contacts in New York  and my  main Ambition for years  is to a day in the near future i would move to New York and work for a tech agency. I have sent this video to one of my contacts in NY who’s a friend of a friend that lives in NY currently and i was very happy with the feed that i have received and it is looking promising for the future.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 17.19.31

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 17.18.23

  This was the respond from both of my clients. I feel this this video has helped me greatly and very much looking forwards to developing more skills from with years and hopefully have a great collection of all my skill in a short video that would sell my as a designer.


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