We have been set a small brief which included us to work in small groups of four.  this brief was mainly aimed for preparing us for our main individual processing interaction project.  the brief was to design a poster that was based around dorset, that dorset were proud to be independent. just before begin we started with the iteration processes which were Requirement and gathering, Analysis, design and implementation and testing. the very first stage of creating the poster was to gather up informations and ideas, researching different reasons why Dorset should be an independent county.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 04.02.08

The main thing that we was heading towards in order to create the independent Dorset poster, which we though was the strongest was Tourism and Agriculture. but later on as we have done further research between our group we have decided that. Tourism and Agriculture was not Dorset’s strongest income  sources, we also found out that Dorset was not much of  provider for England. and England aren’t really depending on Dorset very much. we have took our selves away form (how is England depending on dorset) and just focus on how can Dorset be independent form England? this was much more easier to approach as Dorset is know for being rich in providing RAW materials, popular tourism, culture history of England which leads to the birth place of England.

This below was the first few sketches that we came up with as a group, just to get and idea of who we are attracting and our main target audience, and just some ideas to get a good starting point for the poster design.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 14.02.04

The poster on the right was based mainly on a typography style that we were going for just outlining the strongest parts of dorset, and the 2nd poster (on the left) was ‘calk man’ which representation of dorset, we have spoof the  calk man a little by instead of him holding a club. we have got him holding a flag of Dorset and standing on the map or Dorset. we though this poster of the calk man was a good ideas as our target audience could relate and recognise the calk man.


As we have progress onto the next stage of designing the poster we have decided that we are going to go with the typography poster instead of the calk man. they were man reasons why we have chosen to do this one of the reason why was the it was a very popular choice for every group and was being over uses and after the audience has seen the first three will get bored of seeing the imaginary. but the design theme of the typography poster was much more acceptable with the use of vibrant colours a large bold text that informs the audience what message the poster is sending. and it will give out more informations that just a post of the chalk man.


this was our final design of the Dorset independence poster. i feel that we as a group has reached out of this poster, because of the positive feed back that we have got back from our audience, the designing of the poster was very original and unique compare to the other poster that was up on display. and in terms of the location that it was on displayed on.  Into the  total result of reflection of the poster

I we got a feeling as a group that we could of made the imagery stand out more as an independent person.  for example we from once of the feed back feed that we got was the person in the middle that is holding hands with the rest of the figures was not symbolising independent but more of dependent .

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 16.12.52


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