Space in Weymouth house.

In-order for us to get a general idea of where would  be the best place for our poster to be presented. As a group we went in the weymouth house foyer a and calculated the best place.  the simple spaces we were looking was somewhere that was clean and most of all the a space that was most busiest with the traffic of people. and people can see it easily with out going out of their way too much.

we wanted keep a record of who will be our main target audience, the majority of the people who uses the space more frequently. and try see if we can get a large verity of audiences to utilize the space in the main foyer of weymouth house.                                                                   From our record which we’ve got within half hour. we did a rough estimate of the ages of pupil.

18-24 = 30

25-30= 18

31-60 = 10

and this was during peak times when the majority of people were on break/lunch we have cleared up the most of our audience/ views will be the younger generation so mainly the people who are most likely not to be involved in the message that we were trying to portray.


distance between students/staff we observed generally didn’t stop to interact or engage with the poster. There was occurrence  when some of them  did, but this was mainly staffs.

Out of the first 20 people who walked passed they were only 6 people  that took notice of the dorset poster 4 of them being staff and 2 being students who stopped and look at the poster ‘but i believe that two student who stopped only stop because i was actually taking this picture of my poster’. ‘below’

However i believe the main thing that was taking the attention away from the poster was with the other media activity. for example the news on the T.V. So the location we choose was not as great as we’ve forecast.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.15.30

Graphics and visuals absorbing the space. 

i found that the T.V  has diverted the majority of our audiences attention.

  • The amount of other poster that was surrounding the poster that are at a much bigger scale.
  • Much brighter colours
  • The visual motion of the TV.
  • And various other screen to grab the audiences attention.

So in total the space was not an ideal location to grab our viewers  attention.


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