Research on simplicity- John Maeda

        John Maeda “Law Of Simplicity”

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I went on reading this book Laws of Simplicity by a designer call John maeda.. I found that this book extremely helpful,  as it has help me to make a decision on which path i should take in-order to create my project. while reading the book it has given lots of ideas that will link into my media theory.

I was also inspired by in one of his chapter where he spoke about space, how an environment that we eat in can effect the way out food taste. ”

I once met a designer friend in a quiet Paris flat with white walls, white surfaces, and white furniture. A lunch of aestheti- cally prepared sushi was served. Red tuna, pink salmon, white squid, silvery mackerel, and a sliver of green leaf boldly engaged my visual senses as I took the entire scene into my mind. I reached to my chopsticks to begin, when my friend said, “The taste of this meal is aΩected by the room we sit in.” True. With everything around me in pure white including the plate upon which the sushi was served, the thin slabs of raw fish atop the fist-sized mass of white rice appeared to float in space. I could imagine the taste to be very diΩerent in an environment that was appointed with diΩerent dishes, table, overall deco- rum, and even diΩerent people. Ambience is the proverbial “secret sauce” to any great meal or memorable interaction. Creating white space—or, translating that to a room, “clean space”—enables the foreground to stand out from the background”.

  • REDUCE               The simplest way to achieve is thought thoughtful reduction
  • ORGANIZE          Organise make a system of many appear fewer
  • TIME                     Saving in time  feel like simplicity
  • LEARN                  Knowledge makes makes everything simpler
  • DIFFERENCE     Simplicity and complexity need each other
  • CONTEXT     What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral
  • EMOTION         More emotions are better than less
  • TRUST                In simplicity we trust
  • FAILURE           Some we trust.

Maeda,J (2006). Laws of Simplicity. New York : MIT Press (4 Aug. 2006). p58.


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