DESIGN ITERATIONS – Media Space Environment

In-order for my interaction to go through fluently and grab my audiences attentions i figure that i need to find an environment  in (weymouth house) where is suitable for my project to be displayed so that my audience can interact with the interaction without occupying other member of the public’s  path.  As i have learned from the Dorset independence post that it is important that you select the best location for your poster to be displayed.

10420382_1046094785404441_5133207530210118319_n 1461774_1046094792071107_691258312120261758_n


As you can see on the images about they were two potential location with screens  where my project could be displayed in-order to grab my audience’s attention and  give them space to interact with the interaction on the screen. The location on the top left is my most preferred location for my interaction to be displayed on it is on the main entrance and would be the first digital screen that the audience would observe. it has also got a lot of space for space for my audience to manoeuvre and experiment with the interaction. The picture on the top right shows the amount of space that my audience has got.

however the picture on the bottom would have been a good choice for my interaction to be displayed but as its in the canteen/Coffee shop. the table that you can see and the chairs would not give my audience enough space to manoeuvre with the screen at they need to move around the room, also the camera will pick up peoples faces who would not take notice or in the right time to interact with screen. and the audience has got a lot more digital screens and other digital activity to interact with.

10801483_1046241192056467_988268901091355495_n 10347563_1046241198723133_8814755284449398199_n

the photo on the left these would be the audiences who would not be in the right time or too busy to interact with the interaction that is in progress on the screen in the canteen of weymouth house, also the  picture on the right explains the other distraction that the audience would have over the processing interaction. so i believe that i have made the right choice by choosing not to use this area of weymouth house to display my project. Because although it may seen like the most busiest it is however the area where my project will get the least attention and find audience who would want to or have the time to interact with with.


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