Design Iterations – Evaluation

I have created processing interaction for the display of Weymouth house project, I have created an interaction with the aim to give the audience/the user a sense of feeling of how it feels for people who are in poverty that are now making their own way out of poverty from a small community by interacting with the rest of the world from just one small space for example, a very poor village in Africa by using the social media at a platform/world stage. Using an openCV library within in processing to do this interaction.

Which tracks the face of the of the user and represents them as the rectangle box on the T.V Screen, the rectangle box which represents the audience was transparent and the opacity of the box was at 25% was hovering over the a map of the world as the user interact with it. As the user interact with the interaction that was on the screen which means manoeuvring left to right and also back and forth the rectangle box will pick up their movement and pan across the world map for example if they were to move from left to right the that represent the audience will move over form North America to China, also if they move further back the rectangle will move to the lower the part of the world, This gives the audience/user a feeling that they can travel across the world from just a few steps in a small area.

I was surprise with how easy the audience/users found it to interact with the project that was displayed on the on the screen and that they have found the very engaging and that they felt that it was very relevant to the concept that I was aiming towards, The main strength of the piece was that is was very much related to how powerful the social media is and the control that is gives to people who are less fortunate but however found that the main weakness was that that the camera will pick and thing that recognise the shading of a face even if its a reflection on a furniture, also I would of liked it to pick up every angle of the audience/users face and that they don’t have always look directly into the camera. Although I do feel that I have made a difference in the that way people see reality and open a wider eyes of the engaging and how much large of an impact a Meditated Environment can have on people in poverty’s life style.

However I feel that the project went very well but I found I difficult to come up with an interaction that will relate towards my media theory and they work that we have done throughout the year.

What I would improve for the future of this project form the feeds back that I have receive my audience said that it was easy to see that the interaction was about the world. However possibly change the rectangle box for a symbol which represents technology the example the at symbol (@).

WHAT DID I LEARN? I have learn that if you are designing an interaction for the use of the public that it needs to be in a very good location that that will give them the freedom to let them express them selves and to be made simple and a fun interaction.

I feel that having completed this unit that i have demonstrate

  • An ability to adopt an iterative, evidence-based approach to digital media design and production
  • Originality, creativity and professionalism in the conception, pitching, design, management and realisation of digital media artefacts.
  • The ability to work effectively as an individual as well as part of a production team.
  • The ability to analyse and reflect on iterative production processes by drawing on relevant intellectual and professional debates.

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