Design Iterations – User Testing in Weymouth House (Entrance)

I decided to properly user test my interaction in the Weymouth house entrance, a space where I have specially chosen for my interacting to be displayed on in-order to grab the right audience attention and at a specific time where its was not very busy as, it can effect the interaction between my audience/user because the camera will pick up just any face that may not have time to interact with the piece in the in the space where is it displayed, I am looking to reach mainly the young adult audiences, as they tend to be less busy and would more time to take a second look at the interaction.

As you can see on the in the video above is shows you the audiences/user and users who are interacting with the interacting that I have created for the this project brief, the audience are mainly students well they both seems like students ages between 18- 21, as you can see that they have easily picked up the one of the main purpose for interacting that is being displayed. I do like the fact that they are interacting with it the way I wanted them too. For example moving forwards back wards left right in-order to go to different countries. However I don’t feel that they get the true meaning of the concept that my design was trying to portray.


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